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    Monday, April 1, 2002 7:58 AM


News Straits Times, 15 Feb 2002

KUALA LUMPUR, Thurs. - The National Association of Malaysian Muslim
Students (PKPIM) denied that it was being used by the Malaysian Muslim
Scholars Association when they jointly submitted a memorandum on several
individuals said to have denigrated Islam.

When contacted today, PKPIM Information exco Azuan Effendy Zaira refuted
the allegation by Information Ministry Parliamentary Datuk Zainuddin
Maidin in a news report.

Azuan said that the memorandum was intended to urge the Home Ministry to
review the statements made by the individuals named. Azuan said the issue of the memorandum should not be further

Zainuddin today urged the PKPIM to disassociate itself from the PUM as
he claimed the PUM was using the student group.
Meanwhile, a PUM official who requested anonymity said the association
did not force any of the other Muslim non-governmental organisations
involved in the memorandum to join them.

"But at the same time we do not prevent anyone from joining us in
highlighting statements which have disparaged Islam." On whether PUM had plans to hold any dialogue with the individuals they
named, he said it was not PUM's role to hold dialogues with any of the
writers as they have clearly contravened Islamic law.
"The only dialogue we would be interested in, is a dialogue in the

Meanwhile, Teras Keupayaan Melayu (TERAS), in a statement today, said it
does not agree with Zainuddin's assertion that the PUM had used PKPIM and
Majlis Persidangan Mahasiswa Islam (MPMI) when they sent their memorandum.
"The NGOs and student bodies which joined us in our memorandum did so
out of their sense of duty to defend Islam, the Prophet and the
institution of the ulama from Muslims who would disparage them", its
president Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid said.


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